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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 21, 2011 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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who's it gonna be?we raw the luckk winner... who gets to meet selenz winner... who gets wicked weather rolls through the aree... creating a nightmare forrdriiers. drivers."i don't know what people would driveethrough this, it's really dee, it's really deep" the chaos it caused on ttee roadways and the damages it left bbhind. -------------------------------- --------------- -------------------------------- -------- a sinkhole.what he was wearing that helpeddsave his llfe! -------------------------------- --- 3 wild weather rips through the area..... tearing down trees... damaging cars. turning roads into rivers and making a mess for people tryyng to get arrund baltiiore
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and the urrounding counties. thhnks for joining us, i'm jennifer gilbert. severr thunderstorms have left a mark on paats of this hour more than 11 thousnad 700 hundred people are in the candace dold xplainss how folks re piccing up the pieces tonight.candace? the lightning is taking is affecting us tonight... for safety reasoos, we can't be ellwood avenue in baltimore. this tree toppled over and smashed this car during tte storms.and baltimore city wasn'ttthe only area f baltimore county werr hitthaad oo. too. 3 1:12- ive never seen t rain like thissbeforrnats:janice raii:41-the world was coming to annendpowerful storms pound maryland..and leave some dundalk, in the middle of a slippery situution..ats:water dont know why eeple would -i - prive through thisnats: waves
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sot 22:45 ive never see anything like this beforeonn northhpooit road.. powee lines are draped liie curtains.and on virgina avenue in essex.... 1:40-my house even shook homeowners are llft in shock. 2:40-i'm wonderinggif peoples water in basement7:41-yea it came in... oh shoot, it really did go in, nats: 7:45--ill start getting the owels(48), i see it all the ay back there 7:52-oh that cardboard box hhs stuff in it, its going to get all wet--it is nats::digging &pthru wwter8:55-our carpet is &pwet9:50-nats: water from towel 9:51-that was inside.. so itt was a lil woose than ww thoughtt t waswhile assessing the damage... .. don and erniee realize thhir sunday is now a work day. 13:26--ooddsweeping nats(tiggttáááááá14:45-ew yuck (with debris11:58--eah itts going downáááwithin annhour, 11:54-there we gg,.. we got it the water and debris is clear. closed door shot at 15:43but the damage to this caa on elllood avvnue in baltimore ccty is much more xtensive... 24:20-we justtheard a crack,
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it was obviously tte tree snaapnig and hhtting the car in the back a brutal beating &pfrom just one day of storms.. but tte destruction will be left for a long time to come. 25530-i dont know when a lean up crew will come.. no telling neighbors ell me the owner of thisscar was cootacted by police and is aware of the damage. ffrtunately, nobodyywas hurt. today's wicked weathee ssto blame for a restaurann fire in howard county. lightning ssruck the buffaloo grill in north lauree just after two this afternoon.the firr went to two &ppook crews ffom howard, anne county about an hour to knocc down the fire. the restaurant was open aa the time, but no and take a lookkat this car, submerged underwater, this picture was sent into us from fox45 viewer patricia gaitanos. this is righttby johnn hopkins bayview n southeass baltimore and this is the scene in dundall. ou
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can see this car is having difficulty getting through the flooded roadwayy. and a fox45 viewwr in essex sent us thiss picture of a scooter surrounddd by water. 3 &p when it comes to news in your neighborhood... see it.. shoot it.. send it. you can upload photos and videoo to our weesite. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send it icoo. you caa also send photos directll from meterollgist ytas reid...who - was tracking these storms all how much rain fell around baltimore.vytas? vytts? 3
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3&pa one year-old in prince georges's county is fighting for his life onight after he was shot outside of an apartment complex. complexxpolice say the little boy was playing outside with his mother on bright seattroad in landover when he was caught
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in the crossfire. the little boy, wwo is about to turn two..... was hit in the face by stray bullet during aa an emotional plea for the shooter to ssrrender to police. johnson says: "please, my baby was innocent. he didn't do lot. he gotta go through stuff for the rest of his life."but tuun yourself in please."ust - please." 3 nnw pollce are trying track down 188year-old devvn mato's.... he's not considered a suspectt but a pprson of innerested. an arggment downtown turns into a triple stabbing. it happened just afterr11 friiay night attwest baltimore street anddpark venue. arena. when police arrived they found three men wwth stab pwunds. police say a 19- year-old and 20 year-old man were transported to the hospital, a hird refused treatment. so faa, no one has beenncharged, buttpoliie say they are interviewing 2
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3 an off-dutt security guard attempted robber. robber.the off-dutyyguard told attempt in northwest baltimore. it happened just before 3 m on dolfield avenue. the guard then fired sped off, but was found later - on dukeland street with a gunshot wounddto his shoulder. the security guard was noo hurt. their names have not been releasee. 3 number three in pre-season.ame learned hey have a long way to go..fter game two... the offense showee sparks.will turn?morgan adsit joins us now with a ravens report. 3i think the ravens would ike against washington thursday. both kansas city and philly owned time of possession in those games.the eagles offense on the field 10 more minutes. the world though...ed reed, haloti ngata, ay lewis and terrell suggs not seeing many
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prrseason miiutes...omeone who is? cornerback jimmy smith. smith getting plenty offreps pgainst kansas ciit.the projected shutdown orner... going up against pro bowl receiver dewaynn beaa..a big test for the rookie... who's still learninn.and asn't be a sttrtee just yet. 3 &p3 coming up later in sports unlimited...the ravens add two new bodies to the ffensive line.and one raven great weigns in on michael oher's progress.that's in less than 30, jennifer back to you. we have a brand new ravens fix. go to our facebook page and click on the "inside
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fox 45" link on the left. you'll have exclusive access to ravens quizzes, purple pride photos and all kinds of ravens content that will make you feel like it's alwwys gameday. inside fox 45 is full of purple ride, check it out. the search is on for a misssig college tudent from maryland. where he was last scene and how you can help find him. "or he just had some bad engine probbems and couldn't pull out of it." tragedy at the kansas city air show! the stunt that cost the pilot his life... and when we could knnw what went wrong! 3 questtoning the validity of speed camerashow he says he can prove hat they just arrnnt accurate! & what if it snowed chocolate? what if sweet mocha fell from the sky? or imagine catching icy caramel flakes as they drift down --
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something wrong with speed cameras in ppince georges "triple- a" is also questioning the accuracy of these cameras.janice park says its been a battle for this business owner, ho has both won aad lost cases inncourt. "iicalled the attorney general's office to report a crime, if someone waasrobbiig a bank police would respond, there's omeone stealing from the publii on a daily basis" bbsinessman will foreman is talking about the spped cameras operated by optotraffic ii pg county:his reccived 60 speed cameras
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ticketss..and heedoesn't believe a single one is valid: valid:""ou receive two images, one and two and they are .363 seconds apart"ffreman uses the cameeaapictures themselves... themselves..."what i did was superimpose the first image on thhesscond image"then in a spreadsheet, he calculates how far his worker's cars traveled in .363 seconds. he says time pfter time...the numbeessdonnt add up: up:"in this case here, we were puppose to travel 28 feet, and it wassllss than 17"the equation has won him 5 court de. decisions." yes this isstheft" but friday...a judge ruled against him in 15 citationn. optotraffic...the company that operates the speed cameras says it's actually the lasers....not the still photos that catcc speeders... the companyysays there are built in delays in the camera when &pit takesstheesnapshots: snapshots:"our cameras have been proven innevery est, we're tested on a regular basis independent 3rd partyy labratory tests our sensors,
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day against four gps satellites"ffreman says he sttnds by his nummers...and wiil fight until áevery citation is resolved....aad hee hopes other's will too: too:"if you are the unfaar don't be a doormat"janice park fox 45 news at ten. police are on the lookout tonight after a mmryland student disappeared from his colllge campps. 3 &p 22-year-old roswwll friend iss rom cockeysvvlle and recently graduated from temppe univerrity where he ran track. on thursday, he went for a run near his house and hasn'' been seen since. police say his cell phone wallet and kkys are stilllat his house. the only thing missing are his housee keys..... friends are holding out hope for his afe return. "i pray that that this was not his own doing...i hope its okayy...because we are all just waiting to see whats happening" investigaaoos are asking
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anyone with information to call philadelphia police. 3new details are emerging in the case of the fredericc woman missing in aruba....a accounts of what happened the day that 35-year-old robyn gardner disappeared. the witness says e saw gardner.... ann gary giordano waaking around the reef... the witnees says the two never got innthe water, but drooe away a short time later.giordano claims that gardner... never returnnd ashore when the two went snorkelingg policc officers from maryland transporration today, embracing a stereotype. 3 everyone knows cops like doughnuts, so they decided tt raiss money for charity by camping out on the roof of some ddnkii' donuts.for the past two dayy, they were there taking donattons for ppecial olympics maryylnd. the officers climbbd up there early yesterday morning. "youucouldn'tteven ee the had landed upside down" down."a driver swallowed by a
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pinkhole!how far his s-u-v fell and the manpower used to get the driver outt 3 a wild rideefor these newlyweds! the unique way a virgina couple chose o tie the knot! 3 3 3
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you can be in &ppersonalized forecast. i-raaar is now available at foxxaltimore dot com. se the interactive tools to traak coming storms down to go to foxbaltimore dot com - and click on i-radar 3
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an s-u-v gets swallowwd up by a sinkhole- with its priverrstill inssde. the driver was traveling on chicago's plunged into the 14-foot deep hole yesterday. it landed upsideedown below. able tooescape before tte -&s- water. a wwter main reak caased the sinkhole. 3they ssy eveey marriage has its ups and downs. but one virginia couple took their first plunge juut moments after ttinn the knot. here you can eeethe bride-to-be walking up the aisle... or rather the line of a roller cooster in fort mill, ssuth carolina. it's the same spot the couple were engaged last year. aftee saying thhir "i dos" the ccuple and the wedding paaty strappee in for a wild ridd on a 232-foot tall coaster. a dramatic scene attthe kansas city air shoo.... as a lane lunges towards the ground.the
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an air show in western 3issouri is caught on camera. - 3
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the pilot was performing tricks in the air over kansas city yesterday, when you can &pbehind the aircraft.the plann plunges towards the ground... crashing into this airport field and killing the pilot. the feeeral aviation administration and thh national transportation safety board are investigating whaa went wrong. ttree women are being were killed in a car crash on vacation. police saa on northbound i-95 norrh tire - apparently losttcontrol and the vvhicle overturnee.two of the victims ere not wearing seatbelts and were thrown from the veeicle. five other family membees were also hurt...but are expected to survive. aamricans will sson get their &pfirst view f the newest national monument. yyu'll see at the new martin the huge bolder anchors - both sides of the entrance off indeeendence avenue. more
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ttan a hundred cherry trees were added to the memorial.... convey doctor king's messaae t - of justice,,democracy, hopp here's what you need to know if you arr planning to &pvisit the new monument. it for the rest of the week, it's opennfrrm 9am to 11 pm. he dedication eremony will take place on sunday, auggst 28th. it is free and open to the public. if ou wwnt to see mmoe abbut the dedication shedull or learn about theenew monument, e've posted a link for you. go to fox baltimore dot com and click onnour newslinks ab. 3 ..he ravens add to their offensive line...why john harbaugh is so excited about their newest signing...comingg up in ssorts unlimited...
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the smell of charccal is in the air in akron, hio this weekend. it's thee6th annual national hamburger festival. beef, buns and cheese.... in every combination imaginable.there's cheeseburger slider with aged white cheddarrcheess. where "cause i'm actually, reelly going off my diettand if i'm going to do it, i'm going to go all out, so why nott...(laughingg." 3, 2,,1... 1... and.... there was a "bbbbing for burgees" contest. &pcontestants had three minutes tt bob as many burggrssas they could from aapool of ketchup. 3 3 that's all or the news at ten... up next bruce &&phave al bruce and morgan...
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additions to their offensive - line... 3 and we hear from the greatest offensive lineman in ravens history...why jonathan ogden exppctssbig things rom michael oher... oher... 3 .5th round pick pernell mcphee might see a lot of playing time this year...iigo -on-1 with the ravens rookie in 2 weeks the streets oo baltimore will be chhnged nto a race track...we have an inside look at the grand prix with local driver marc bunning.. bunting... .and adam jones makes another fantastic catch...why tte more today..sportt unlimited starts afttr the break... what if it snowed chocolate?
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